Next Generation Consulting Services

Management Consulting

Helping you establish and improve your organization. We specialize in Megaprojects.

Industry Proven Experts

Our experienced experts, custom tailored strategies and industry leading practices will help take your organization forward. We have helped some of the largest players in the industry manage and deliver transportation Megaprojects.

Systems Integration

The design, development, integration and testing of systems can be complicated, we can help you.

Get It Right The First Time

We have industry proven experience in managing the big integrators and delivering complex integrated systems. Our expertise will help you ensure you have planned and structured your programs for success.


Testing tolling systems can be costly and time consuming. Our technology and expertise makes it simple.

Streamlined Testing

Our patented technologies and unique industry proven processes will ensure that your toll systems are properly and efficiently tested.


Our unique set of technologies and procedures provide continuous auditing of your toll systems.

Continuous and Automatic Auditing

Through our patented technologies and industry proven processes, we can provide an end-to-end auditing solution that gives you realtime insights to your toll systems.

Network & Security

In today's network centric world, we can help you navigate network integration and security.

Network & Security

Our experts can help you navigate the complexities of security, HIPAA, and PCI compliance. We can help you build stable and resilient networks that ensure your safety and revenue critical systems are always connected.

Tolling & ITS

We can guide you in the design and integration of Tolling & Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Tolling & ITS

Tolling & ITS systems are the revenue and safety critical elements of transportation. We will guide you in the design, development and integration of these systems, getting it right the first time.

Software Engineering

With mobile and cloud technologies, we can help you develop a strategy to embrace the revolution.

Build Next Generation

With the proliferation of web, mobile, and cloud technologies, it is important that you understand how to best leverage these technologies, yet understand where the risks and pitfalls exists. We can help you successfully navigate these waters.

Cloud Migration

Let us map out your cloud migration strategy and help you embrace the cloud.

The Cloud Revolution

Cloud technologies can help improve your agility and reduce your costs significantly. It is important to have the right and experienced partners to help you achieve your cloud goals.