Tolling as a Service

The Future of Tolling is Here


Our industry proven experts have designed and built the most advanced tolling platforms in the world

The A Players

Our team has worked with some of largest agencies and systems integrators in the industry. We can help your organization ask the right questions and make the right decisions.


Our patented technologies and solutions are an industry first

Disruptive Technologies

From providing continuous and automated audit systems, to unique manual image review systems, VeriToll is solving industry challenges through innovation.


Working with industry partners to solve complex issues through simple and elegant innovations

Partnership & Innovation

We work with industry partners & agencies to solve complex problems using simple and elegant solutions.

VeriToll Gives You Complete Insight Into Your Tolling Systems

VeriToll, the first TaaS™ (Tolling as a Service) company offers industry leading technologies and talented experts. Take control of your Tolling Systems.