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Smart Performance Management for Tolling.

Real-time digital twin, test, verify, & optimize your toll road. 

Real-time Insights & Analytics

View your customer through a tolling digital twin. Get real-time insights and see what your customers see. 

veritoll tolling as a service platform realtime insights real time insights user transactions

Real-world & Digital Synconization

From the moment someone gets on the road to when they get billed- access transactional traceability. Want to get a 360 view of your customer? Learn how here.

veritoll tolling as a service platform driver digital sync transactional traceability

Tolling Digital Twin & Insights

Built for teams delivering real-world solutions and those who manage risk. Always have an eye, literally, on your assets via our Tolling Digital Twin and take action to prevent friction and keep assets profitable and safe. 

OnDemand Testing & Validation

Going through a big lifecycle maintenance update? Make system updates confidently using our on-demand testing platform which instantly validates performance.

Veritoll tolling as a service platform auditoll activity audit schedule ondemand testing validation

Global Test Management 

Business rules, software, or vendor updates can all lead to testing a toll road's performance.  Take charge of scheduling, organizing & executing with one tool. 

Veritoll tolling as a service-platform auditoll-global test management status campaigns


Built for teams delivering and operating toll assets looking for proof of accuracy and operability. Unlock visibility and efficiencies in roadside/back office testing and validation.

Tollings Leading InfraTech Platform

Toll Road Insights via Digital Twin 

Managing a toll road is complex and multi-faceted. We have simplified how to understand your performance while delivering real-time updates.

Prevent Revenue Leakage at Scale

 The best software for revenue loss prevention. Give operators, managers & analysts unlimited visibility into global performance.

On-Demand Testing & Verification

Ensure toll road testing is seamless and efficient. With one click, launch on-demand tests using our end-to-end testing platform, AuditToll. 

Toll System Infrastructure Monitoring

The VeriToll platform can monitor your toll system infrastructure and provide you with alerts when it detects outages and anomalies. It can also integrate with your existing monitoring solution.

Protect Asset's Bottom Line

Prevent revenue leakage from the roadside, back office, or technical issues by enabling your team to identify & act on issues earlier and in a cohesive effort using real-world visuals of assets.

Real-time Analytics & Insights

Access real-time insights on assets. See customer trip data, billing, and payment status. Breakdown data by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual audits. 

Notifications & Alerting

Get alerts of findings such as a KPI falling out of the desired range, an outage in toll system equipment, or an anomaly detected in toll transaction data.

Transactional Traceability

From the moment someone gets on the road to when they get billed- access transactional traceability. Want to get a 360 view of your customer? 

Customer Insights

Measure KPIs that protect your revenue, such as time to bill, detecting undercharging, identifying delayed billing, or instances of not billing customers at all. 

Prevent Leakage. Increase Customer Satisfaction.


Schedule Relief

3 Weeks






Delivered Transurban a white glove management experience 

Transurban did not have to worry about resource management (drivers, vehicles) nor the friction that comes with that - contracting, payment, communication, deployment of tests. 

Enabled Transubran's organization using AuditToll, our proprietary Test Management Software for tolling. 

TransUrban was enabled by AudiToll's:

  • Driver Coordination & Management -  25 drivers and 4000 coordinated tests executed. Each driver equipment with all necessary inforamtion on business rules. 

  • Daily Test Planner - With over 25+ drivers, it was essential to optimize time and resources. AuditToll generated daily test plans based on toll authorities inputs, instantly accessible by infield drivers. 

  • Business Rule Manager The inputs follow various types of customization the toll authority needs vs having to manually having to create a test plan which can take hours, we reduced the time to minutes.

  • Daily Test Results of each test in a dashboard view on demand vs a manual effort which took anywhere between 4-6 hours

Real-time Visability To Drivers Testing Road

Toll authority was given real-time visibility into where the driver was, on which road, and where their trip started and ended. Along with other insightful information previously never available.

On-demand Testing at Scale

Transurban unlocked ability to simply request a test trip and it be executed. These requests could be ongoing testing or on-demand which quickly helped resolve issues. 


To deliver Transurban an end-to-end white-glove management solution that empowers different departments, and creates visibility from top to bottom and vice versa. 

VeriToll's proposed solution to Transurban's complex testing process was AudiToll. A next-generation infrastructure technology platform, engineered using cloud computing to:  

  • Reduce time loss and idleness due to manual procedures 

  • Reduce the cost of testing overall by scaling efficiencies 

  • Reduce friction in communication, alerts, updates, and reporting

  • Give visibility & traceability to key stakeholders, analysts, or operators 

  • Reduce delivery risk by increasing the flow of communication, and reporting therefore allowing teams to take quick action and resolve issues

  • Increase efficiencies from beginning to end of the testing cycle 

  • Provide teams with historical data that is digestible in one dashboard, where reporting and insights on the complete testing status are available 

  • Reduced stress on people, resources, and technology by turning on automation, requiring no integration with systems, and providing 100% visabiity. 


Critical Phase of Toll Asset Build

Testing of a toll road (roadside user charging & back-office user acceptance) is done during a very critical phase of the build. It is close to the end, and any delays are subject to put the toll road at risk of not delivering the project on time. Therefore critical to have the correct data, people, and tech in place. 

Time is of essence, delays lead to liabilities 

Before opening up the road to the public, testing must be complete and certified. If a toll authority runs out of time and does not meet the testing & validation requirements on time, it is usually liable for liquidated damage due to scheduled delays.

If errors are discovered retesting is required 

During this phase, errors might be discovered (purpose of testing) if so, they must be patched up and retested. Depending on scale, schedule, and resources this could lead to delays and potential loss of revenue. 

Managing people, process and technology under stress

Having multiple players and channels warrants its challenge without having a centralized medium to orchestrate the complexity of the entire testing program. 

Status Quo

How road side & back-office systems are tested

For most toll authorities and integrators, testing of roadside and back-office tolling systems is difficult and multifaceted therefore requiring costly high-touch management from internal teams, contractors, and vendors.

How internal resources mange testing

Before testing begins, there is a lot of heavy lifting done by internal resources from HR, IT teams, Operation teams, Finance, Road Tech Support, and back-office teams. Between hiring of cars, drivers and logistics among all parties, and road test schedules - testing is anything but simple. 

How testing is managed in the field

Once the heavy lifting is done to start testing, there are no digital monitors instead all testing is done on pen and paper and validated manually.

How test results are managed

Due to the complexity test results take two to three months to validate user acceptance. This does not consider any additional tests that need to happen due to business rule updates or discovered errors that need to be retested.

Case Study


Testing of I-395, I-495, and I-95 Express Lanes 

Region - Washington D.C

50 Miles with 40 Toll Points

VeriToll delivered Transurban a white glove management experience, gave real-time visibility to drivers testing the road, and provided on-demand testing at scale resulting in over $2 Million in additional revenue and avoided losses. 

OnDemand Image Processing

Backlogged? Have an unexpected or scheduled data processing event? Handle data processing demand with a flexible and scalable solution. 

Veritoll tolling as a service platform crowdtoll ondemand image processing

QA of Image Review

Give your image revew team scale by allowing the heavy lifting and 3rd party validation to be done by CrowdToll while accessing reporting.

Veritoll tolling as a service platform crowdtoll image review quality assurance


Built for teams looking for scale and win-back solutions. Process high volumes of image data with clear visibility of accuracy rates and quality. Manage, monitor, and report all in one dashboard.

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