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Bridge the customer experience gap.

Connect with customers, create advocates, & increase satisfaction.

Streamline Customer Feedback

Use our mobile network to deploy surveys, customer satisfaction questionnaires, or simply mange customer feedback. With a dedicated account manger, let us do the heavy lifting.

Veritoll tolling as a service platform customer experience manager customer feedback

Incentivize an Action, Collect Data

Monetize frequent driver programs or 'give back programs' with tools to help distribute, organize & measure the success of incentives or rewards. Capture key metrics that help solve and identify business problems. 

Veritoll tolling as a service platform rewards program

Customer Experience Manager

Built for teams and businesses who want to increase customer sentiment and retention. Our CX Manager allows you to plan, design, and launch programs without any system integration. 

Create a 360° View of Your Tolling Customer

Go beyond toll account details. Connect data silos to understand customers experiences from when they drive your road and get billed to when they interact with support. 

Veritoll tolling as a service platform tollhero bill leakage rate

Validate Road & System Performace in Real-time

TollHero gives toll authorities the ability to reach customers who have enlisted as road-testers directly. Giving you another layer of eyes on the road, in real-time. 

Veritoll tolling as a service platform validate road system performance

End-to-End CX Insights

Bridge the gap between road analytics and customer sentiment and satisfaction. TollHero delivers powerful reporting to help pinpoint root causes to quickly resolve issues and protect your bottom line.

Unite the Customer Journey with TollHero

Increase Positive Sentiment

Access powerful tools that help you plan, design, and launch CX programs - like a frequent driver program - successfully & quickly.

Win-Win Sustainable Solutions 

Capitalize CX programs by incentivizing customers to use toll roads & share data. Further helping design programs that customers value.

End-to-end Customer Visibility

Today tolling data and customer data are siloed. Unite road and CX data to unlock a 360° view of your customers and operations.

For Customer Teams

Our all-in-one Customer Experience (CX) Manger supports the planning, designing, and launching of programs.  From identifying which customers to target by location or road to dictating what they see and when they see it.

For Toll Authorities

Want to take control and own your customer experience? TollHero was built to give you powerful tools and account managers to help execute your vision without disruptions to any systems or resources.

For Toll Agencies

Delivering CX programs but lack scale and toolsets? TollHero is a turn-key platform with a mobile extension that lets agencies quickly deploy and execute programs for clients.

For Strategic Partnerships

Have an interesting partnership opportunity? With a white-label solution available, TollHero is the perfect partner to deliver exceptional execution and top-tier insights.

For Marketing Teams 

Have a pulse on customer sentiment and satisfaction across different areas of your business to increase affinity and loyalty. 

For Rideshare Organizations

Onboard your fleet onto TollHero and create efficiencies in toll payments, billing, oversight, and much more. 

Prevent Leakage. Increase Customer Satisfaction.

Global Account Manager 

We build mobile applications based on your business needs and give you the ability to own your customer. 

Veritoll tolling as a service platform office work

Rapid Development & Software Support

Deploy a mobile application for toll payments, experience and more in months not years. We make it easy and efficient.

Veritoll tolling as a service platform phone

Mobile Tolling-as-a-Service

Built for teams and organizations ready to deploy mobile first solutions for tolling. We offer an out-of-the-box payment processing, reporting, and more. 

Let us build a customer engagement app designed for your business.

Built for teams and organizations looking to create customers into advocates by positively influencing and impacting their experience with your Toll Road assets. 

Veritoll tolling as a service platform tollhero for drivers
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