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Veritoll tolling as a service platform office

A minority and women-owned company, leading InfraTech. 

VeriToll was created under a single premise: there’s a better way to provide tolling services by combining expertise with breakthrough mobile, crowd-sourced, and cloud-based technologies, delivered in a Tolling-as-a-Service model.

Our team brings creativity and discipline to every engagement, builds elegant solutions to complex transportation challenges with a strong motivation for social good and sustainable economic growth in the communities & clients we serve. 


Our team has worked with many tolling agencies including Transurban (Australia and North America), Indiana Toll Road, and Cofiroute USA. The team built the GoToll mobile tolling platform and the Express Lanes website and mobile app and continues to support the engineering, development, maintenance, and operations. 


VeriToll has partnered with Amazon Web Services to create cloud-based solutions that are transforming the tolling industry. With our cloud-based technology, we provide comprehensive end-to-end assessments of tolling operations that provide meaningful insights from a customer perspective.


Bringing social equality to mobility and transportation by serving state & local governments, while helping those that need it the most.


To be the source of innovation and tolling intelligence creating high-performance software and engineering.


Saftey & Security Oriented

High Performance






Extreme Service

Let’s talk about Numbers:


a year toll revenue asset successfully

transformed via a multiyear technology & tolling program


architected, designed & implemented mobile apps and cloud infrastructure for a large toll road operator.


audits for the user acceptance testing of a new toll road at a cost savings and weeks ahead of schedule.

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Prevent Leakage. Increase Customer Satisfaction.

Joseph Silva & Chris Higgins found VeriToll around the ethos of innovation being the first to introduce tolling-as-a-service.

VeriToll launches AudiToll, an InfraTech solution for tolling authorities, to test and validate 3 major toll roads in D.C/Virginia.

VeriToll is chosen by Transurban to develop a first-of-its-class express lane mobile app.

VeriToll leads the architecture for a transformation project of people, processes, and technology for Indiana Toll Road. 

VeriToll spearheads and pioneers a next-generation back office system built for client x with massive success. 

VeriToll launches Tolling Intelligence & Insights, an InfraTech solution for tolling authorities, to measure KPI and prevent revenue leakage. 

Our History 

Our Team.

We are a group of multidisciplinary experts with an audacious vision and mission for tolling and infrastructure technology. Drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you.

Devaki Baker
Veritoll tolling as a service platform Devaki Baker

Devaki leads process and strategic partnerships.

Senior Software Engineer 
Bryan Allred
Veritoll tolling as a service platform Bryan Allred

Bryan leads software development.

Principal Engineer
Christoper Higgins
Veritoll tolling as a service platform Christopher Higgins

Chris leads client engineering services.

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