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VeriToll Launches AuditToll Toll Road Auditing Solution, Available on AWS Marketplace

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

First-of-its-Kind, fully managed SaaS solution helps customers more efficiently complete auditing requirements with crowdsourced system.

AuditToll helps state agencies and toll road concessionaires operate more efficiently by centralizing the auditing process. The cloud-based platform provides a fully managed, end-to-end solution that allows customers to offload the burden of identifying, managing and collecting data from audit drivers. Its automated features enable continuous auditing which immediately discerns problem areas on roadways, and automatically validates trips by sharing data with back office operations, reducing costs and decreasing administrative strain.

"AuditToll simplifies and streamlines the approach to toll road auditing, making it easier to receive results from acceptance testing while increasing accuracy and speed," said Phil Silver, Leader, State and Local Government Transportation at AWS. “We are excited this easy to deploy SaaS solution is now more accessible through AWS Marketplace, where our customers can optimize their auditing operations and experience cost-savings."

“Toll road auditing is complicated. It involves managing schedules, test trips and drivers, as well as analyzing data, requiring a great deal of time and coordination,” said Japjeev Kohli, Director of Strategic Delivery and Innovation at Transurban. “When we saw how AuditToll could come in and simplify the process, improve accuracy and institute cost savings, the choice was easy for us.”

A GPS-based, mobile solution, AuditToll can be implemented quickly, within hours, and customized to individual toll road auditing needs. Utilizing the drivers already commuting on the roads, AuditToll not only creates efficiencies that save toll road operators money, but it's crowdsourced functionality provides economic stimulus for drivers looking to earn additional income or pay their tolls.

“Agencies and authorities need to maximize budgets and manage revenue to maintain infrastructure more now than ever before,” said Devaki Baker, CEO, VeriToll. “AuditToll is the first innovative technology to hit the tolling industry in a very long time and we’re excited to get it into the hands of toll road operators to simplify and consolidate all of the moving parts that are complicating toll road auditing.”

AuditToll is currently available on AWS Marketplace with a 10-day free trial that includes full product functionality. To learn more about the free trial, please visit the VeriToll blog.

About VeriToll

VeriToll is innovating the future of tolling as the first Tolling-as-a-Service™ company. Founded by tolling infrastructure veterans and backed by some of the industry’s largest companies, VeriToll delivers crowdsourced platforms, along with consulting and professional services, offering win/win solutions for state agencies, tolling operators, and the communities they serve. VeriToll’s first two tolling platforms, AuditToll and CrowdToll, offer crowd-powered solutions that effortlessly audit toll road systems and provide image review services with higher scalability, lower cost, faster speed, and increased accuracy than what today’s in-house and outsourced methods offer. Learn more at

Media Contact: Kate Nesbitt KN Communications for VeriToll



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