VeriToll presented “Audit, Monitor and Secure Your Cloud with Serverless” at Cloud-Native Days 2021 on August 5, 2021. See the presentation below.

In this presentation, we shared our serverless journey and how we pivoted to security and compliance. VeriToll is a startup in the tolling industry that believes in bringing innovation via mobile, crowdsourced, and cloud technologies. We believe in using innovative technologies to provide innovative solutions to the industry and our clients and platforms. That is how we chose serverless computing.

Serverless computing allows VeriToll to spend more time developing and less time maintaining and securing our infrastructure. Through cost engineering, we can achieve lower costs. Serverless resources are on-demand and have no dedicated servers.

One typical serverless architecture we work with is for websites and API backends. The website uses serverless object storage and a fully managed domain name service and content delivery network. The backend uses API gateways and serverless functions and databases to provide REST-based APIs. The API may also use GraphQL. This example architecture highlights how we can use serverless computing.

We can also use serverless computing for auditing, monitoring, and remediation. We can use functions for auditing against compliance requirements. We can use functions, notifications, and databases to record auditing results and perform monitoring and alerting. We can extend this to remediate findings. Imagine being able to remediate a security finding in under one minute—a function can do this.

Hopefully, these example use cases highlighted how serverless computing could improve your cloud posture. Here at VeriToll, we specialize in cloud migrations and serverless computing.┬áDon’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and let us know how we can guide you in your serverless and cloud journey.

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