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VeriToll proudly champions National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

In-House Security Expertise We have decades of combined security experience in different domains: networking, military systems, requirements, documentation and writing, cloud computing, and serverless computing. Our engineers have deployed secure military systems to multiple government agencies and countries. They were trained and mentored by top security experts, they are themselves published experts and mentoring others, and they apply that knowledge to all of our projects and technology.

Client Security Our clients hire us because of our cloud experience and our strong track record. Though we are not typically hired for cybersecurity, we bring along this expertise as well. We evaluate our cloud and network architectures against best practices. Furthermore, we leverage our security engineering expertise to assess and remediate security risks.

CrowdToll Platform The VeriToll CrowdToll platform leverages our patented license plate matching technology to add cybersecurity and privacy protection to license plate images. Our technology uses encryption in transit and at rest, when working with license plate images. It also enables our clients to integrate with security monitoring solutions. We can split the license plate images, so no reviewer fully sees the entire license plate keeping this information segmented. We can further customize CrowdToll to meet client-specific cybersecurity and privacy requirements.

AuditToll Platform Our patented AuditToll platform has cybersecurity and privacy protection as well through its continuous end-to-end auditing process. Similar to CrowdToll, we use encryption in transit and at rest. Each client has siloed data, meaning the data is isolated, and any two clients’ information is not stored in the same data storage. We can anonymize our user data to meet client specific requirements and meet any other cybersecurity and privacy requirements the organization may have.

About Cybersecurity Awareness Month Cybersecurity Awareness Month was launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance and the US Department of Homeland Security with the purpose of engaging and educating public and private sector partners through events and initiatives to raise awareness about cybersecurity to increase the nation’s resiliency in the event of a threat. Since the Presidential proclamation establishing Cybersecurity Awareness Month in 2004, Congress, federal, state, local governments, and leaders from industry and academia have formally recognized the initiative. This united effort is necessary to maintain a safer and more resilient cyberspace and remains a source of tremendous opportunity and growth for years to come. For more information, visit Stay Safe Online. This year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month theme is ‘Do Your Part #BeCyberSmart’ with the message of ‘If you Connect it, Protect it’. More than ever before, connected devices have become an integral part of how we communicate and access services essential to our well being. Data collected from these devices can detail highly specific information about a person or business that bad actors can exploit for their personal gain. Cybersecurity Awareness Month aims to shed light on these security vulnerabilities while offering guidance surrounding simple security measures to limit the susceptibility of threats for commonly used devices. On our social media accounts, we’ll be posting and sharing content in support of this effort. Contact us to discuss how we can help secure your existing cloud solution and network architectures, or how we can help you securely migrate to the cloud.



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