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Getting the Most Out of Your Free AuditToll Trial Part 1 

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that AuditToll, our end-to-end toll road auditing platform, is now available at the AWS Marketplace. To celebrate, we are offering a 10-day Free Trial. This fully managed platform was designed to improve testing and auditing by offering capabilities which increase real-time visibility into test trips, reduce expenses, and provide rapid support to our client’s pressing challenges. Now you're able to check it out for free!

Veritoll’s team of technology experts developed AuditToll to ensure the maximum probability of success with minimal liability and risk - and now you get to try it free for 10 days.

In this two-part blog series, we will share our top tips on how to get the most out of your AWS Marketplace Free Trial from preparation to execution. 

Tip #1: Plan Your Test Trips in Advance

We have found that on average it takes about three business days to identify a trip list and define the trips in AuditToll. To make the best use of your free trial, we suggest taking the time to plan and be strategic about the trips you want to test before starting your trial to maximize the amount of time spent executing your test event. 

Once you have created your trip list, we suggest identifying them as unique trips. For example: if you need to test a trip from Entrance #1 to Exit #10 a total of ten times, you would identify that trip as one trip. Let’s suppose that same entrance and exit combination has two different start locations, one starting at a fast food restaurant and ending at a gas station, and another starting at a grocery store and ending at a sit-down restaurant. In this case you should count these two variations of the same trip as two different trips. 

We have found that it's easier to use a start and end address for each unique trip. You can specify those addresses in AuditToll to automatically draw the route and then make any of your preferred adjustments to the route. Once you define each unique trip in a spreadsheet, you can draw each trip once in AuditToll and reuse it multiple times in a test plan.

If you do not have your trip list yet, but have signed up for your free trial, we suggest contacting us to delay preparing your personal AuditToll site until you define your trip list. Our support team will do their best to give you as much time to prepare that list before they create your AuditToll site and your free trial kicks-off.

Tip #2: Enlist test personnel

We suggest enlisting your testing team as quickly as possible. It can take days or even weeks to recruit test personnel, and waiting on their availability could easily use up your free trial period. 

The most successful test events are generally supported by a team of three key players: 

  1. Test trip engineer or specialist: Someone who knows the roads and understands GPS to draw the trips in AuditToll. This person will ensure the trips are properly drawn and have reduced risk of GPS issues, driver confusion, and failure to meet test objectives.

  2. Licensed, professional driver: A licensed and professional driver will improve the quality of the test results, as professional drivers are familiar with many roads and know how to adapt to unexpected road conditions. 

  3. Test coordinator: Having one person to oversee the drivers track the trip plan execution will make the process run smoother. For example, a driver might have a difficult time starting a trip, might drive the incorrect trip, might be delayed, or could be sitting idle for a long time. A test coordinator can communicate directly with the driver to address any issues, and get that person back on track to execute the trip as planned or make adjustments when the plan has to change.

Tip #3: Understand nuances

It's important to discover and understand any nuances or subtle changes in routine that can impact the overall success of your trip ahead of executing the test event. Here are some common examples: 

  1. The roads are open in different travel directions depending on time of the day.

  2. Holidays affect road operating hours and travel directions.

  3. Some toll road operators combine multiple trips into one trip if they go in the same direction and occur within a close enough time window. This can affect your test data analysis.

  4. Some toll road operators report one trip per entry and one trip per exit, instead of providing one trip for an entry and exit pair. This can also affect your test data analysis.

  5. Sometimes there is a disparity between satellite imagery and the latest road conditions which means the trip routes might require adjustments.

Following these suggestions and proactively preparing for your test trips will allow you to undergo a more productive and enlightening AuditToll trial. We at the VeriToll team are excited to share this platform with you, and we want to help make your trial a success. Feel free to contact our team to ask questions, address technical issues, or help you plan and execute your test event. 

Check out Part 2 for even more tips on how to ensure that your AuditToll free trial is a success.



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