Mobile, Cloud, Crowdsourced: Our Approach to Cybersecurity and Privacy

Today’s operations and systems depend on technology, whether we buy it, rent it, or build it ourselves. We have embraced technology and trust companies to protect our information and keep us safe when we order a ride from an app and hop inside the car of a complete stranger. We need to have the

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Getting the Most Out of Your Free AuditToll Trial – Part 2

In our last blog post we discussed the AWS Marketplace Free Trial of our end-to-end tollroad auditing platform, AuditToll, and how to get the most benefit out of the test experience. Part two of our blog-series will build on those tips, and provide recommendations on how to execute a successful test event based on our

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Getting the Most Out of Your Free AuditToll Trial – Part 1 

We are thrilled to announce that AuditToll, our end-to-end toll road auditing platform, is now available at the AWS Marketplace. To celebrate, we are offering a 10-day Free Trial. This fully managed platform was designed to improve testing and auditing by offering capabilities which increase real-time visibility into test trips, reduce expenses, and provide rapid support

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